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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Housewife or my wife

For some people, a thirteen weeks semester could be a really short time. But for me, it quite a long time, thinking the stuff you could learn during that time.
Recently, I had this semester discussing about the feminism and the whole idea of it. At first, I hated it and what the hell was that for. But now, I despise women with high heels. And I thought, every woman want to be treated just like these feminists’ idea.
But then, I just had this chat with my friend, and she is a girl. We had this interesting discussion on the feminist philosophy. She said that even though women want to be treated just like the same as man does, but they also want to be spoiled like a stereotyped woman, I said, what the???
I thought every woman want to be the same as man, and then I realized, that is the ideal world, but we live in a reality, remember that okay!
After my whole idea about woman is changed, and now I found this old fashioned girl that is just the same age as me. I just said wow!
The impact on me is that after I have the whole feminist idea in my little head, I expected a little more from a girl. I want a girlfriend who is independent, could do anything by herself, respects and treats me just like she does to herself. But what would be the result, I’m just becoming more picky than I used to. Laughing my self is what I do.
I have become this idealist in the real world, what a pity. But then, my ideology is my barrier to see things in life, so I’m not in a wrong place right, or am i?
So, who would I choose, original and old fashioned housewife or “my” wife?

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

a lesson in life

My biggest question in life is how to figure what is life itself?
This night I have this little chat with my friends, a chat about our dreams to have this little journey back home.
This journey is supposed to be fun, hanging out with your friends in the city called Bandung, far south from Jakarta my hometown.
Apart from our dream discussion, I have this idea to stay in the hotel 5 minutes outside Bandung called Cedi.
The hotel is so popular and classy, it is located right on the hill. Niceee!
And then my friend started to say thing rumor about this hotel, it is haunted she said.
Just now at this exact moment, I just realized one small thing. Who the hell that teach us to be scared to ghost and the dead. I mean, our parents never say about this stuff, definitely not our teacher in elementary or high school.
So, why do we afraid of this thing named Ghost??

I was once afraid with ghost, it was from a video game, who doesn’t know a game Resident Evil. But, is it the game’s fault? Or the big sphere called the media who is responsible to create a new level of reality.
And why do we live in this so called reality. Then I realized of what we should do in this crazy world, we should start make our own reality! But is that possible?

The answer is a big NO NO.
I’m not trying to be cynical, but our reality has been distorted and biased by what we see everyday in the media. Even ghost, that I’m personally has never seen, I do believe in it, sad story huh? Maybe I should get back to my past and analyzed the reality that I have believed in and start making my own level of reality, I think all of us should. But then, if that happen, what will the world would like? A better place, I don’t think so. So, what is life and what is real? No one could ever has the right answer, just trying to figure the big puzzle huh? And live with the pieces you have in hand.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bad Parenting

In the near-summer and near-hot night in Sydney, even though I should be sleeping and enjoying the nice weather while I could, I spent 10 minutes to read the papers at night. Just now, I found a really interesting story (

The story starts with the notion of Iraq process to stand in Iraqis’ own feet. The process of un-Americanized the Iraq, that I would recall. The process of American troops to go out from Iraq and make Iraq independent on its own government. The article says that the help of America to support the free-Saddam government in Iraq is not fully sincere. The weapon that will be used for the Iraqi troops, for fighting the insurgent I would guess, is not fully perfect. There is lack of spare parts and even repair manuals for the weapons. This is such a cliché for American government. This is just like bad parenting. A parent who does not really want to see their innocence child to grow. Just like a parent who doesn’t make any lunch for their child in the first day of elementary, an unprepared child. The cause of this would be whether the parent loves their children is so much or the NOT loves their children so much. America would be both, hard to believe huh? America loves Iraq so much, and at the same time America also NOT loves Iraq so much. America loves Iraq so much. America don’t want Iraqis to be prepared so if any problem occurs in the Iraqi government, they would come in tears to America, this would legalize the whole idea of Iraq war and make America, once again, the hero of the world. In the other hand, America also hates Iraqi so much so that it is impossible to them to trust Iraqi people to have such an independent government. Iraq would be the American puppet for the whole time, the place for nuclear test and weapon test in the future, the next Area-51, fascinating huh? I hope that what American purpose toward Iraq, so I would be prepare before hand. A bad parenting isn’t it? To infect your children with AIDS just to have the cure for yourself.


At first, this blog is supposed to be an assignment for the Production Skill class with Russell Kilbey here in Sydney. But, coming from the background of Indonesian people and its history, I feel ashamed that Indonesian people barely could maintain what they have started. In order to improve myself and try improving my country, I tried to maintain this blog and update it regularly. The slogan would be the same, I’m just a mad man who doubt the world. In this first post-assignment entry, I would doubt the ability of Indonesian people in taking care of stuff.

Maybe I would call it an irony; our own population is among the top ten the most crowded and over-populated country in the world. Logically, we could maintain our existence. However, in reality, Indonesian people in their society, they barely maintain themselves and the community they serve. Take a large case for example, our own capital city, Jakarta. The government of Jakarta, which governed by the infamous Sutiyoso, in his early ruling time he had these plans for improving Jakarta. The plans started from the simple one to the mission impossible one. A simple thing, maintaining the plan that has been started, the Trans-Jakarta bus and the Monorail project. People see it as an ambitious project, or specifically a project that has many holes for corruption, but it still become the priority project for Sutiyoso. After 3 years, the existence and expanding Trans-Jakarta, the effectiveness of the project is hardly seen, the traffic in Jakarta is worsening and the rate of private transportation is not reducing. Even though the maintenance of Trans-Jakarta project is barely can be seen, the next priority project which support the Trans-Jakarta has been started, the Monorail project. It still under construction, but personally, I think the result will be the same as the Trans-Jakarta, not an improvement for Jakarta citizens. Irony it is.

For me personally, the only thing that Indonesian people could maintain, politicians specifically, is the corruption flow. Politicians would kill to maintain that dirty money keep flowing to their pocket. You would not know what their capabilities are, even not me. But, historically that what Indonesian people, MY PEOPLE, are good at. That is what motivated me to start blogging after that good-one-month-holiday-away-from-bad-Sydney is over. So enjoy people! I’m still cynical.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

home sweet home!

In the term of education, Indonesia probably would be one of the worst country on education. That is why many Indonesian students go abroad for a better education. Australia has become one of the ost popular destination for tertiary education due to the closeness and the level of education in Australia. As one of the international studnet, the matter of adaptation and cultural differences are very important and crucial. Homesickness is one of the hardest thing to fight for international students.

For me personally, Sydney is not a bad city to live in. Sydney has many beautiful beaches, good education, good food, great concert atmosphere, and great place to go to. Sydney has the "Sydney Opera House". But, no matter how bad the place is, if it is a home, it is the best, that is what I feel personally with Jakarta. Jakarta the capital city of Indonesia.

Compare to Sydney, Jakarta has nothing to compete with Sydney. Jakarta has no "Opera House", a high rate of crime, a high rate of poverty, a high rate of polution, an overcrowded city, a never-ending traffic jam, and a hectic city. In the other side, the feeling of Jakarta as home as attached to most of the international students in Sydney. A better living condition in Sydney can not compete with the feeling of releive at home. And after almost 1 year, 50 weeks exactly, of going away from the city of Jakarta, I am going back for the first time. It is a mix of sea sick feeling and a feeling of hangover completed with the sense of dreams. Even though the sense of homesickness has created the sense of bad education of Indonesia, because many people going away for a better education, Jakarta still the most beloved city for me. There is no perfect thing in the world. Maybe Sydney has a better city condition and great concerts, but jakarta has a sense of HOME to offer.

This post will be the mark that ended my first year journey in Sydney. Thanks for the good and the bad time, thanks for the concert and the food I have eaten. Thanks to the clean air and clean water. But it is time to go and release the sense of Homesickness.

Monday, August 28, 2006

The released of Fox News Journalists, a releive or a grief?

Roger Ailes, current Fox News CEO, said that “Journalists should never be hostage or pawns in world events. Their job is to tell the story of the world as it unfolds.” commenting on the released of the Fox journalists that were kidnapped in the Gaza strip. As the CEO of Fox News Channel, Ailes is not the perfect person to comment on the independence of journalism. As we know, Fox News is biased with the political beliefs of its owner, the notorious Rupert Murdoch. The kidnapping of Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig should become a warning for the biased Fox News that is too pro-America and pro-Bush. Journalism ethics should not be biased with the money making business. The biased information that Fox broadcasts throughout the Murdoch’s almost-all-the-world network has hurt a minority group’s heart, in this case is the Anti-American insurgent.

If I am a leader of an Anti-American insurgent, the first target to convey the message of my community is the technology of the media, adding that the Middle-East has been the center of the today’s world attention. The media that I would be use as the first weapon is the Fox News. Fox News has proven that they are Bush’s most favorite media due to the permit to enter Iraq for the first time to cover the story of the war. Kidnapping Fox News would be one of the strategies to convey the message of Anti-American insurgent in the Gaza strip. By kidnapping the Fox News, not the NY Times Washington Post or the BBC, the insurgent tried to give the message that what Fox News has given through its broadcast about the condition in the Middle-East is not true.

Why they are released after 13 days of kidnapping without any demand? The answer would be that the Anti-America insurgent was telling the world that the Fox News journalists are there only to be the American and Bush’s propaganda tool to demonize the Arabs and the Middle-East people. Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig were converted to Islam on purpose to clear their mind from becoming the American propaganda tool and starting to tell what is really happening in the Middle-East. They were kidnapped to tell message that America has many cronies in the Middle-East to destroy the Arabs and the Islam. So, for journalist out there (whether you are Fox journalists or not), stick to the journalism ethics and the independent of telling the truth without any influences from the outside and start telling of what Americans are doing in that part of the world. Answering the rhetoric, the released of the Fox Journalists should be grief for American Journalism, specifically Fox News Channel.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Indonesia: a developing country with a NOT developing civilian

17 August 1945 is the date that every Indonesian know, the time when President Soekarno spoke out the decalaration of Indonesian Independence from the Japanese Imperialism. From since, Indonesia has developed into a democratic country.

In spite of the physical developement of Indonesia, the mental developement of Indonesian government has not been seen. Since the independence day, Indonesia has already had 6 Presidents. The first two presidents, which are Soekarno and Soeharto, were the most respected at their time of ruling in spite of the disturbance of their government. But, at least in the time of their ruling, the president could have a privacy in solving the problem between the power estates.

After the reformation in 1998, Indonesia has seen to step further as a country. But in reality, it was a step back. In today's Indonesian government, we have the "Mahkamah Konstitusi" (Constitution Court). A court that controls and supervises the ruling government. The purpose of this estate is to become the court between the other estate. For instance, if the executive has a problem with the non-executive, then the MK will become the judge that makes the decision. It is exclusive only for supervising the ruling government.

For me, this kind of government is not efective. This is basicaly a result of the mental stage of Indonesian most powerful people, and most of the Indonesian, that are simply not ready to rule and govern a country. If the whole government is ready to rule the government, the establishment of MK is not needed. Not needed because the problem between the stage could be solved in a democratic way, in a debate for example. But, in reality, if a problem is brought to a debate stage, it's simply put a fire in gasoline. A fight in the parliament can surely be seen, or even a worse way, the problem was solve in an 'informal' way, whether by money politic or simply a favor in return. By the establishment of MK, the current president has no democratic power to control and rule Indonesia, it's simply doesn't work. MK is a result of the conflict that has always happened between the estates and due to the lackness of government mentality. And with the establishment of this court, the next question isWho's going to have the responsibility to be in this court and who's responsible to pick them to be in the court? The establishment of "Mahkamah Konstitusi" is a sign that Indonesian government has no belief in the President, whoever that might be, and a sign that the Indonesian people are not developing and not ready to rule a country.

Indonesia should be ruled with a president and a parliament that have more democratic thoughts, not only the people that looking for personal or groups advantages. The 61th Indonesia birthday should be a good start to put our beliefs in the current government and to take away the 'baby sitter' that supervise our government.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Curiosity Kills

What is the explanation of Bermuda Triangle?

How could Einstein, Newton, or Edison could create a science phenomena that is so complicated?

What is Love?

Is there any human being beside human in someplace?

Why we have religion?

Who is God?

Is there any god?

What does God look like?

Why do we have dreams?

What is the purpose of dreams?

Is there any Atlantis?

Who control the world?

What is God purpose on me?

What is going to happen in the year 2500?

What does it feel to be dead?

Is there any life after the death?

If this world is destroyed,then what happen?

What is the purpose living in this world?

What if there's one person who controlled the whole world and live in an untouched island?

Which religion is the most true?

What does heaven look like?

Where is hell?

Who's the person behind the 9/11 incident?

What's the purpose of 9/11?

and, What is life actually?

IF, there is a chance that you could answer a question to a mirror that knows everything? what question would that be....because CURIOSITY KILLS.